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Kaidan CE helmet normalmap shared with Shepard, Vega and Ashley. Specmap taken from Vega? I’m so done lol.

Bottom line, use all my shit mkay, all my (N7) helmet holding texture shizzle or your helmets will look jacked up. Not my fault, nope.


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No problem!! Happy to help, and I hope the pigeon will be okay~

Yeah me too, I’ve put the bowl out, I could still hear him but not see him anymore so he’s either on the slanted roof or on the neighbors landing atm (it’s a bit lower). It’s really dark can’t really see much.
Oh well, I’ve put out food, water and a bath, i’ll check tomorrow see if I can still hear him otherwise take the things back inside I suppose. Hope for the best.

if you have a bowl big enough that the pigeon could sit in it, I’d fill it with water and see if the pigeon went to give itself a bird bath too to cool off. Everything I see about panting seems to mean it’s just really hot

Ok thanks, I’ll try that =) Thanks for responding btw, I don’t really have anyone to ask and it’s so late here so it’s nice that I can share this here and get some responces.

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I can’t say I’m experienced but is it hot/humid in your area? It could have been flying a long distance to evade a hawk and need to cool off

We live in the city, there are a lot of pidgeons around here, no hawks or otherwise predatory birds. Seagulls is about as bad as it gets here. It is quite hot here atm, I think about 28 degrees celcius in the house, cooling off outside now.

I heard some weird panting noise in the bedroom just now and I couldn’t place it so I went to find it and found it was a pidgeon heavily panting under our bed. I grabbed a towel and tried to catch it, ended up catching it with my hands and we opened the windows to set it out on the landing there. It’s still heavily panting, I have no idea how long it’s been in that room, could have been a large part of the day. Luckily our cat isn’t allowed in when the windows are open. It’s 11pm here and I’m not sure if the pidgeon is just exhausted and is panting because of that? It doesn’t seem to be stopping, he’s not flown off either, just sat on the landing. I’ve put some fresh water and some breadcrumbs out for it and it seems to have taken some but I don’t know what else to do for it. Anybody have any experience with this kind of thing that might have some advice?


Hahne-Kedar armor appreciation (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Bedtime! More tomorrow =o

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I’m so excited for this! this is my fav armor for him and I’ve always been bummed out there was no hi res version of it….

I had Kaidan’s default in a half-finished state for months, not that it was particularly harder than the others I’ve done, I just had trouble actually sitting down and finishing it. The CE one was daunting though since it’s so banged up, hard to make that look good when you redo it but I’m quite pleased with the results sofar =) It’ll probably be release ready tomorrow, I have to head to bed soon.

whispers hello, i have a question regarding mass effect 3 modding if you don't mind! I'm trying to figure out how the dark circles under Shepard's eyes that show up in the last two stages of renegade scars are applied. I've looked through texplorer and all I see are the scars themselves, but not that weird bruised/dark circle thing that shows up. Do you have any idea where or how it's applied? Sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense I've googled it and can't find anything about it, thanks;;

Wouldn’t know without looking, I’d suggest grabbing it with texmod logging mode rather than looking through texplorer if you don’t know where it’s at.

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I honestly don’t know! I mean, I feel like it should be something, but I don’t know what. I can’t think of anything for him that heralds back to ME1 as hard as Ash’s phoenix does, for example. But, he deserves more than a blob. (stupid art team /sigh)

Meonlyred was talking about how it always looked like a howling wolf to her, I might try and keep close to the original design but make it recognizable as such.

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Something to do with his biotics, maybe?

Hmm what though, it’d have to be recognizable and something unique to Kaidan preferably.



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OUT OF SHEER CURIOSITY - Have you been able to figure out what that symbol is? It’s been two years, and I still can’t make heads or tails of it.

lol nope, not the foggiest. I’ve heard conjecture it being a lion’s head, but I see no compelling reason for that to be true seeing the seemingly random bits that stick out? Ehh.

I remember seeing early conjecture that it was supposed to be a jouster/knight-errant on a rearing steed or possibly a lion’s head, but I’m not seeing those, either. It just looks like…a blob.

Which makes me sad. Ashley clearly has a phoenix, and I remember that James’ symbol was pretty clear and recognizable, too (though I don’t remember offhand what it was). I really wish the design team could have given Kaidan the same consideration (though who am I kidding I am so not surprised by this). Are you going to try to turn it into something, or are you just intending to leave it blob-shaped? (oh god that sounds judgy i don’t mean it judgy i swear i adore your work)

Hah I was going to leave it as the original but if you have suggestions I’m open to them =) I have no particular attachment to the blob =P